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Cottage CCTV is here to provide you with the best home security camera system that fits your budget and needs. Browse our extensive product and find the security system that protects your home and assets best.

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What are the Benefits of Security Cameras?

5 Reasons of having a home security cameras

You’ve accepted that we’re in uncertain times. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking for security cameras. That’s ok. You have realized that you need some tools to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your assets. A home security network will put you at ease knowing everything important in your life is being carefully monitored.

Here are 5 good reasons for you to commit to one of the home security camera systems that Cottage CCTV offers:

1) Insurance

Your insurance company more than likely offers some incentives for securing your property with a CCTV system. Talk with your agent and chances are that the savings you receive in reduced insurance costs will pay for your CCTV system.

2) Crime Prevention

The bad guys hate security cameras. By placing our vandal proof cameras on the perimeter of your property will deter would be criminals. Criminals know they have a good chance of being prosecuted if they are caught on camera doing their illegal activities.

3) Safely Monitor Your Property

Access your home security network from anywhere and monitor any activity safely from a distance. If there’s a problem you’ll be able to alert the authorities and give them a concise description of the issue that needs to be address.

4) Identify Criminals

A CCTV system will be able to catch the bad guys in the act. The high resolution and clarity of the security camera systems sold here on Cottage CCTV’s website will go a long way in identifying criminals. This often results in convictions and jail sentences. Less bad guys on the streets is a win for you.

5) Peace of Mind

Last, but certainly not least, is how at ease you’ll feel having your property protected by a state-of-the-art CCTV network system. You’ll be able to access it anywhere. There’s very little maintenance once set-up properly. And there’s little cost after the initial investment of the system and installation.

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Spy cameras are the best way to monitor your home or business while you're away and other aren't.

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Video observation can add some needed required security to your home and business. Find out about 7 ways of utilizing spy cameras for your home and business. 1.5 million burglaries happened in the US in 2017. Break-ins are a frightening event, and most homeowners and business owners think it couldn’t happen to their home or

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Home security camera networks can help increase the value of your home.

Can a Home Security Camera Network Help Increase the Value of My Home?

Home security system can be especially difficult to figure into home value or return on investment (ROI) on the grounds that their responsibility is to deter property damage instead of create property gains. You buy security devices such as, home security cameras, doorbell cameras, and CCTV networks with the expectation that you never need to

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How Can a Doorbell Camera Protect My Home?

A doorbell camera is a helpful gadget that can improve the security of your home, and it’s brilliantly advantageous too. The following are 6 key advantages of introducing a doorbell camera to your home. 1. A Doorbell Camera is a Good Deterrent At the point when a future criminal walks into your entryway and sees

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We can provide many home security tips for you at Cottage CCTV.

Home Security Tips

You might think your home is safe from burglars, but if you don’t think like a burglar, you could be exposing your home as a target. Burglars are opportunists. They look for certain clues to ascertain whether a place is worth burglarizing. So, what makes a home a potential target for a burglar, then?? Well,

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Wireless home security networks from Cottage CCTV.

Security Systems: Why Should You Buy Wireless Cameras?

Instead of choosing a costly wired home security system complete with professional monitoring, why not explore wireless security cameras instead? While all aspects of your home security system are invaluable, our focus today is on standalone camera systems. With wireless security cameras, you and your family remain protected at all times. Your house is also

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